The war against the Sith is becoming more brutal. Darth Malak has laid waste to the Outer Rim, destroying all opposition. The Jedi seem powerless to stop him.

Hopelessly outnumbered, the Republic Fleet battles bravely against the odds, while LOGAN STARR continues his secret mission to find the Ancient and mysterious Star Forge.

As the crew of the Ebon Hawk search the aquatic world of Manaan, Darth Bandon, apprentice to Malak, prepares to hunt down the Jedi and bring darkness to the galaxy....

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Episode II: Veil of the Dark Side is a fan film by Kaydon Sentry (kevinsocal2k6) using footage from the game of the same name. It is part two of a trilogy, and follows the story of Logan Starr, and was released on YouTube on December 22 2009.

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