Scorpion serves Quan Chi, unaware that the sorcerer is the mastermind behind the Lin Kuei's murderer of his family and clan. He gets his rematch with Sub-Zero whom he defeats in the Netherrealm, and although Raiden had earlier (before the fight) offered to help revive Scorpion's family if he spared his nemesis, Quan Chi appears at the critical moment and persuades Scorpion to satisfy his revenge. Scorpion (as what happened in his original MK ending) loses his only chance to restore his family, and the damnation of Sub-Zero's soul after his death by Scorpion turns him into the evil wraith Noob Saibot. Later in the game, the younger Sub-Zero seeks revenge for his brother's death by facing Scorpion, and Quan Chi grants the request. Scorpion immediately recognizes that this is not the original Sub-Zero that he killed; the younger Sub-Zero defeats Scorpion but before he can be finished off, Sub-Zero is apprehended by his clan. In his game ending, Scorpion's clan appears before him as ghostly apparitions and reveal the truth, and aid him as Scorpion kills Quan Chi for deceiving him. Also, in Sub-Zero's ending, Sub-Zero learns the truth about their families and offers Scorpion a chance to join him in his quest for vengeance, with Sub-Zero and Scorpion joining forces to form the new Deadly Alliance.

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