Kabal is again a reformed defector from the Black Dragon, the alternate-timeline retelling of the first three games, only this time around he works with Kurtis Stryker in the NYPD's riot-control division. They confront and defeat Reptile and Mileena amidst the chaos of the Outworld invasion, but Kabal is severely burned by Kintaro, and is taken away by Kano while Stryker is preoccupied with Ermac. Despite Kabal's acrimonious split from the organization, Kano (with the help of Shang Tsung) restores Kabal's health, but his lungs are damaged beyond repair, resulting in Kano outfitting him with his signature respirators and face mask. Horrified at his physical condition, Kabal turns down Kano's offer to rejoin the organization and defeats Kano in battle. He forcibly orders Kano to take him to Shao Kahn, where they witness the emperor's promotion ofSindel to general of his armies before Kabal knocks Kano unconscious and then defeats Mileena in Kahn's throne room before escaping through a portal back to Earthrealm, where he then takes out Sheeva after she mistakes him for a traitor of the Lin Kuei. Raiden invites him to join his band of Earthrealm warriors, but Kabal and most of his comrades are later killed by Sindel and then subsequently resurrected by Quan Chi in the Netherealm.

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