The Kingdom of Myrtana is fighting an almost hopeless war against the Orcs. The only weapon Myrtana has against the Orcs is a magical Ore, found in the mines of the isle Khorinis. To gather more Ore, criminals are sent to those mines, even for minor crimes. King Rhobar II, the ruler of Myrtana, called the most powerful mages of the empire – six of the circle of fire, six of the circle of water – to create a magical barrier around the mining city of Khorinis to prevent the prisoners from fleeing. But something disturbed their ritual and the barrier grew larger than expected: the mages were also trapped. The prisoners killed the guards, who were trapped with them in the magical dome. Some of them continued to work for the King in the Old Camp led by Gomez. A prisoner named Lee founded the New Camp, seeking to destroy the barrier with aid of the Water mages. Others joined the Swamp Camp under the leadership of Y'Berion, trusting a god they call The Sleeper will lead them into freedom.

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