Baird and Cole with two new Gears are on trial in the middle of a battle very early on in the Game history. Set Before the Original Gears of War the first part has you brought to give your testimony in your characters use of a very destructive weapon that wipes out a large area just before your trial. As each character gives his or her testimony you play them in what is an extended playable flashback of each characters part in the use of the weapon. When this is done the enemy that is always nearby breaks through and you fight your way out of the courthouse. Aftermath the games second part takes during the events of Gears of War 3 and basically shows what Baird and Cole do during that Games story. Which is blow a ship from the top of a building into the sea while running into the character Paduk from the Trial part of the game who is still alive to help guide you through the city where Aftermath is set.

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