The game starts in 9:41 Dragon, one year after the events of Dragon Age II. Orlais is undergoing a civil war, threatening the stability of southern Thedas. The Circle of Magi have rebelled against the oppressive templars in a bid for independence, leading to all-out war . In a last ditch effort for peace, Divine Justinia V has orchestrated the Divine Conclave- a peace summit between the ambassadors of the templars and the rebel mages for the purpose of negotiating a peaceful compromise. A massive explosion kills the attendants of the Conclave and creates a massive tear in the Veil called The Breach, allowing Demons to invade Thedas unchecked. The player protagonist is the sole survivor of the explosion and wielder of the "Anchor"- a magical mark that bestows control over the Breach and Fade rifts. The player's miraculous accolades and ability to seal the Fade rifts leaves many to believe they are a messiah, specifically the Herald of Andraste. The player is inducted into the reborn Inquisition - an independent organization sanctioned by the late Divine Justinia to restore order should Thedas erupt into chaos - and eventually becomes its Inquisitor.

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